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Karisma is a new frontier in the group of aesthetic medical devices manufactured by the Italian company Taumed. Their products are carefully formulated utilizing the latest research and technology. Furthermore, they have a studied and calibrated dosage of ingredients that ensures great performance and long-lasting results. Karisma aims to replenish and restore the natural structure of the skin, providing a more natural and youthful appearance. It naturally restores pre-aging conditions that affect the rejuvenation of the extracellular matrix.

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KARISMA 1 x 2ml



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Syringe 1 x 2ml
Karisma is a bio-restorative soft filler based on high molecular weight hyaluronic acid combined with α1 R-polypeptide chain and carboxymethylcellulose. Karisma helps to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, which can lead to the reconstruction of the skin, while improving firmness and elasticity as well as smoothing lines and scars. It is indicated for the medium correction of facial skin defects due to skin aging and/or volume loss. Furthermore, it can be suitable for those wanting to reduce skin blemishes on the face, redefine contours, define the lips, or for unstructured subcutaneous tissue. Karisma is composed of completely natural substances without the use of chemical binders.