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Lanluma is a modern and highly recommended brand by physicians produced by Sinclair Pharma. The brand targets treatments that are highly demanded among popular clinics. All the products from Lanluma are based on Poly-L-Lactic molecules that have been proven to stimulate and reactivate the body’s production of collagen. This gives the products double functionality by filling areas in the skin for lost volume as a classic HA filler while it helps the body activate the collagen levels in the skin building up the skin from within. Lanluma is produced under highly regulated frameworks making it a very safe product.

We offer the following packages:

Product Pack
Lanluma X 1 x 40 ml
Lanluma V 1 x 15 ml


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Lanluma V

Vial 1 x 15 ml
Lanluma V is an absorbable injectable based on poly-L-Lactic that gradually restores volume and stimulates collagen formation. The results appear over two to three months. Lanluma can be used for both body and face and activates the natural collagen production in the skin. The filler is perfect for medium to deep facial lines in the area of cheeks, chin, jawline, temples, and nasolabial folds. The filler is also very useful in areas of scarring.

Lanluma X

Vial 1 x 40 ml
Lanluma X is a filler based on poly-L-Lactic. It is perfect for contouring both face and body. The filler stimulates the natural collagen production in the skin, increasing volume and improving contour, and correcting skin depression. This filler is perfect for body sculpting like reshaping the buttocks. It boosts deep tissue regeneration, adds volume, and improves skin tightness and texture on the buttocks. This filler can also be used to correct post-surgical issues like atrophy and postpartum body.