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The Cytocare range is designed to treat face or body through a variety of filler products, which are available in different variations depending on the surface area that patients wish to target.

A product line that is a blend of natural plant based ingredients which are suitable for Mesotherapy techniques.

The Cytocare complex combines hyaluronic acid filler with a vitamin and nutrient solution that is delivered by a mesogun to offer more complete and longer-lasting results.

We offer the following packages:

Product Pack
Cytocare 715 C line Vials 5 x 5,0 ml
Cytocare 640 C Line Vials 5 x 4,0 ml
Cytocare 532 Vials 10 x 5,0 ml
Cytocare Haircare Vials 10 x 5,0 ml


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Cytocare 715 C line

Cytocare 715 C Line is a meso-filler product designed to prevent premature aging by re-densifying the skin for a plumping effect. Cytocare 715 C Line contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid (75mg), over 15 amino acids, and great anti-aging compounds like Carnosine that all help to block the aging process of the cells while activating the growth of new cells. The product should be injected into the mid-deep layer of the dermis to reduce fine lines, restore skin elasticity and replenish skin hydration leaving the skin softer, brighter and with a radiant glow. Treatments with Cytocare 715 C Line needs to be repeated every 3 months for the best results.

Cytocare 640 C Line

Vials 5 x 4,0 ml
Cytocare 640 C Line is a hyaluronic acid revitalization solution ideal to improve skin hydration. The product is designed to restore the hydration level in the skin, improve skin texture, even skin tone, and maintain the barrier function of the epidermis. The application site of Cytocare 640 C Line is in the face and the décolleté. Apply the product to cleansed skin and massage until the liquid has been completely absorbed. Treatments with Cytocare 640 C Line should be repeated every three months to obtain the best results. The duration depends on the individual’s lifestyle, age, and skin type.

Cytocare 532

Vials 10 x 5,0 ml
Cytocare 532 is used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and corrects skin aging process. Cytocare 532 helps to restore hydration, tonicity and elasticity of the skin and improves radiance.

Cytocare Haircare

Vials 10 x 5,0 ml
Cytocare Haircare is a product designed specifically for treatment of various hair and scalp problems. The product fights against progressive or sudden hair loss and tired and dehydrated hair, or greasy hair and dandruff. Cytocare Haircare improves hair structure, regulates seborrhea, stimulates regrowth, and slows down hair loss thanks to a combination of invigorating, nourishing, and stimulating elements. The active ingredients re-hydrate and stimulate the scalp preventing the reappearance of dandruff, and strengthen the hair making it shiny and full of vitality, regaining its softness and density. Treatments with Cytocare Haircare should be repeated every 6 weeks for 6 sessions and thereafter a session should be scheduled every 3 months to maintain the results.